Big things with little cars

Decided to bring this one out for a reshoot. And yes it counts as the 2nd gen viper stopped production in 2002 ;)

The 2nd gen viper saw the advent of the coule and personally my favorite version 0f the car. It saw a bump of 50bhp to 450 and still retained all the rawness of the first car, just with a center exhaust instead of below the door sills. That way you wouldn’t burn your legs.


This viper in this color combo is one of the main reasons I’m a car guy today. I remember see9ng an ad with this car when I was a kid and it stopped me in my tracks when I was walking into a movie theater. That was that!


Well this 1/18 from GT Spirit may be sealed resin, but it’s still an excellent model with all of the details.



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