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LaLD Car Week: Wacky Wednesday | Red Baron

I know Enginerrrrrrrrr put one in for yesterday, but this is my entry for Wacky Wednesday. Y’all already got the history lesson behind the design. I’ll point out that this is the 77 version. In 73 the spectraflame paint went by by and the red enamel became the standard. In 74 the nub on the helmet was smaller, and they stopped adding the iron cross tampo to the side. In 77 it was the first and only version to have the HW standard BW wheels (black wheels, black sidewall). Up until then and on all models after, this vehicle had the HW RL wheels (except the 09 WalMart exclusive Black version that had orange chrome wheels). Also, 77 was the last year made until the ‘recast’ versions started in 93. So it’s one of the originals.


I’ve always thought this car was kinda silly. I like ‘real’ cars ones you can expect to actually see on the road. After posting today, these pictures make me like it more.

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