For Wacky Wednesday, I wanted something interesting with a good story behind it. What better than the first toy car I ever owned? The story my father tells is he got me this when I wasn’t even a year old. I played with it so much for the next few years, I wore all the paint right off it. He says this was the beginning of my lifelong automotive obsession. He’d buy me Hot Wheels and have me name the make of each one. Then, we moved to me naming cars that drove by when we’d both be in the car. It became lost to the ages for a while, but I found it in my parents attic a few years back. I decided to keep it as is rather than restore it because it took me my entire life to get it to this point, why change it now? I’m not even completely sure what color it was to begin with. Blue, I think? The only plastic on this car is the wheels and interior. This thing is HEAVY. None of the plastic body or plastic chassis nonsense the HW castings today have. Anyway, enjoy the touched up ipotato photos.