Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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I’ve come to realize we have been having a lot of new members as of late, and wanted to bring everyone up to speed all the abbreviations and terms lald uses. This is also a great refresher course if you’ve been around for a while too.


* * *

1:1 - a real car size.

1/X scale - a model that is X times smaller than its real life component.

3” - diecast cars made to fit the packaging, usually around the 1:64 scale.

5” - diecast cars made to fit the packaging, usually around the 1:36-1:38 scale.

AUTOart - diecast brand.

AW - AutoWorld - diecast brand.

BaDT - Bring a Diecast Trailer - post theme.

Carded/on the card - a diecast in its original packaging.

Cd’M - Concourse d’Modella - our signature review

Dirty [cars] - a term made up by ztp’s wife to define used diecast cars, or cars with a patina.


DLM - Diecast Liberation Movement - essentially opening a package to get the diecast inside.

DSD - Diecast Supply Drop - Frosted’s special diecast car giveaway.

Ertl - diecast brand that currently specializes in tractors.

FP - front page aka Jalopnik

GL - GreenLight Toys - diecast brand.

Hawl (haul) - a slang term for obtaining (a) new diecast(s).

Hour rule - stolen from Oppo; it’s where if no new posts occur within an hour of the last newest post, you can make a post titled ‘hour rule’ to break up the monotony.


HW - Hot Wheels - diecast brand.

HWC - Hot Wheels Collectors(.com) - website for selling HWs stuff.

hwep - Hot Wheels Exchange Program - what we call trading our cars.

IG - Instagram

ihwep - International hwep.

JL - Johnny Lightning - diecast brand.

Lald - Live and Let Diecast - this awesome site.

LPaG - Let’s Play a Game - post series that ztp has created.

M2 - M2 Machines - diecast brand.

MBX - Matchbox - diecast brand

Maisto - a diecast brand

MCNR87 - mycarneverruns87 - beloved Admin. on lald.

Motor Max - a diecast brand

ORAT - Off Road All the Things - a post theme.

QC - Quality Control - defines the quality of the casting; usually used when a casting in non-perfect condition is being sold, aka, bad QC.


RL - real life, aka, 1:1 scale.

RLC - Red Line Club - special HWC members who get first chance dibs at cars being sold.


RAOK - Random Act Of Kindness - secretly giving additional cars in a hwep.

RC - Racing Champions - a diecast brand.

Teuton/Teutonic - referring to the German or Germanic people.

TTB - Traveling Torchbug - a diecast beetle that is passed along to different users so it can travel the world.


T-Hunted - Brazilian diecast news website.

TL -Tomica Limited - special line of Tomica cars.

TLV - Tomica Limited Vintage - special line of Tomica cars.

TLVN/TLV-N - Tomica Limited Vintage Neo - same as TLV but for newer cars (1970s onwards).


Tomica - a diecast brand.

TSC - Tractor Supply Company - a store.

TRU - Toys’r’us - a store.

Uly - El_Uly - admin and user, also loves cookies.

WiMT - Will it Monster Truck -

Zamac - clear coat HWs cars sold through a specific retailer, currently Walmart.

ztp - that zeontestpilot guy, and a user.

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