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LaLD Engine Week: 10 Cylinders - Toyota TS010

Here we go, reusing photos again... Sorry guys, but I had a hard time thinking of any 10 cylinder engines in my collection, until it was 11:30pm and I was desperately trying to go to sleep.

I took a few crappy shots, but I’d rather reuse good ones than post bad ones.


Using the old adage, “where there’s smoke there’s fire,” I figured where there’s an exhaust, there’s an engine. So here is my required engine shot to comply with loophole week engine week regulations.

V10s have such a unique, insanely delicious sound, and this car is no exception. Toyota and V10s just work together. Toyota+Group C+V10+Tony Southgate=winning x1000. Maybe not in actual race results, but in every other category, definitely.

Oh, the model, by the way, is a 1:43 by IXO, and you can read more about the car here.


Now where my LFAs at??

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