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LaLD Engine Week 2018

Photo: Philipilihp

We’re going to ride the hype train from Car Week and announce our next weekly event: Engine Week!

Each day, a different car with a particular engine. Beginning the third week of April, share your cars with the coolest motors with the rest of LaLD! Here’s the weekly schedule:

Sunday, April 15th - 4 Bangers - If it’s got 4 cylinders, post ‘em up!

Monday, April 16th - 6 Cylinder Cars - V, straight, or flat, what do you got?

Tuesday, April 17th - 8 Cylinder Cars - The perfect amount

Wednesday, April 18th - 10 Cylinder Cars - If 8 is great, two more must be better!


Thursday, April 19th - 12 Cylinder Cars - Silky and smooth

Friday, April 20th - Forced Induction Friday - A special day to celebrate Turbos and Supercharged autos (but you don’t have to wait until Friday, of course!)

Saturday, April 21st - Wildcard! - A car with more than 12 or less than 4, maybe 5, or how about Dorito powered or electric!

Photo: Sn210

The same system applies from Car Week. One post per day, voting by stars. Winners will be chosen for each scale, on each day, and we’ll have Best Of Shows by scale and overall. Tag your post with “Engine Week 2018" and be sure to mention what scale your car is to help the judges.

Image: Frosted

The only rule is you have to have at least one pic of the engine! Now we’re not saying you need an Exoto or AutoArt in order to win, just have fun with it and get creative! This announcement should give you plenty of time to drill open your Hot Wheels cars too.

Accolades include Best Swap, Weirdest Configuration, Best Vintage Model, and Best Oddball Scale.


And remember, have fun and show us what’s under the hood.

Sealed cars can play too!
Photo: Sn210

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