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LaLD engine week 2018: 6 cylinders Porsche 964

For that day I wanted to bring in a real classic. So which car with a 6-cylinder engine is more classic than a Porsche 911??? ...and this one is not a regular 911. It`s the turbo-charged Porsche 964.

When I think of Porsche, I automatically think of the 964 Turbo. For me, it`s the best-lookin 911, that Porsche has ever made. And even in 2018 or in the future, this ride will never look old.


The technical specs of the car are just amazing. Please remind, that the car was released in 1991!!!

-3.3 liter, 6 cylinder turbocharged boxer engine

-320 hp

-450 Nm torque

-0 to 100 km/h in 5 seconds

-top speed 270 km/h

A few may ask: “Why is it so special for you?”

Well...that`s simple.

The first time I saw a 964 Turbo was when I watched the movie “Bad Boys” with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

OK... the 964 Turbo in the movie is the limited edition with a 3.6 litre engine and 360 hp. I was immediately fascinated by the look and the sound of this black beauty on wheels.

And you know what?!?! A few times a year I have the chance to see a real 964 Turbo in black. A lucky guy, who can afford this ride, lives near my hometown. And his 964 Turbo is not just for show. He uses the car for what it was made for. Every time when I see the car and of course when I hear the music, that the engine creates, I get goosebumps.

Summer already arrived here in Germany, so the chance to see that car gets better with every single day ;-)


The shown 1/18 diecast was made by WELLY. I was not sure what to expect from a low-budget 1/18th scale diecast, but the details, especially the engine, are pretty good. Even the cars dimensions, proportions are not too bad. The only thing I can`t deal with, are the lousy-lookin rims. They just look like better beer-capsules.


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