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LaLD Engine Week 2018 - day 1

Finally!! Engine week is upon us! For this series, I’ve decided to step out of my more familiar 1:64 scale and display some of my 1:18 scale collection.

To start off engine week, I chose this mighty 4 cylinder, Hot Wheels Honda CRX drag car.


I like the fact that the car comes with two different front ends, two sets of wheels, and a large wing that can all be removed.


The exterior and interior details are quite impressive, for the price range. This model was released in the early 2000's, when the import drag racing scene was just starting to get some attention here in the US. The over-the-top graphics are well suited to the era. Now, on to the engine!


I would have liked to have seen more attention to detail in the engine bay. The chrome lump is kind of a let down after seeing the details on the rest of the car. Of course, the designers wanted your attention to be focused on the dinner plate sized turbo so prominently displayed. Maybe someday I’ll take this little Honda apart and add some of the details that will make it pop.

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