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LaLD Engine Week 2018 - Day 2

For day two of Engine Week, I’ve chosen the Bburago Porsche GT3 Cup car in 1/18th scale.

Like all of my other 1/18th models, I’ve had this one for 20+ years. In fact, this one was purchased at a Kay Bee Toys store.


The brown UPS livery with the gold wheels really made this a must have for me. It spent a few months at work with me when I worked in the shipping department. The UPS drivers loved it the FedEx guys, not so much. One thing I’ve never been able to find is if this was an actual race used livery.

The car has a full race interior with a full cage. The contrast of the red cage in a dark interior is a nice touch.


As with most entry level models, the engine could use a bit more detail painting. The casting details of the engine are fairly good, like “Porsche” nicely embossed on the cylinder heads. However the engine being all chrome takes away from the details.

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