I’m with jobjoris today, as my 4-banger is a sealed resin model (but the wheels do turn as well!).

My entry is this blue 1:43-scale Volvo 220. 220 is the internal Volvo number for this specific car mainly to denote it’s a wagon/estate/kombi depending on where you’re from. In Sweden it’s been given the wonderful name of the Amazon from the female warriors Wonder Woman is a part of. Unfortunately, a German bike manufacturer at the same time had the name Amazon copyrighted and thus in most parts of the world it’s been called the 121, 122S, 123GT, or the 221 depending on the variation.


Now as this is engine-week I suppose we should talk about engines.

The amazon had 3 engines through its life, the B16, B18, and B20. One of these I’m sure most of us have heard about, but not necessarily by name.


Anyone seen this guy before?

Well Irv, here is now at over 3,000,000 miles in his P1800. The engine it has? The same B18 in the Amazon pictured. And the same B18 in my 1:1.


The B18 is an inline-4 that’s carbureted and produced ~94 hp when new. Since I live at higher elevation and my engine turns 50 this year, I’m not sure I have that haha.

To make sure I get my requisite engine-bay shot, here’s a larger version of what you’d see in my 1:43. I do apologize for the picture quality... most of these were just so I record my restoration progress.


My very-rusty B18
With the air-intake and headers removed (so that something better can be installed).

My engine may not be in the same condition as Irv Gordon’s, but this car hasn’t been run in probably 20 years (maybe more...). Even though that’s the case and it was stored near lake Michigan for those years guess what isn’t seized! A lesser engine would have been a gonner ;)


Woohoo engine week!