And this is my second post for Loop Hole Week LaLD Engine Week. And I’m glad the second day is all about 6-pots as I have some of those as well in 1:1 scale so this one can’t come as a suprise ;-)

And as I see a few casts in LaLD Engine week that have been shown before why don’t I join in that as well? This was the first custom I ever got from Dutch American buddy Philipilihp. Made from a 934. To replicate my 3.2.

And I’m still more than happy with it! It still is the closest thing that comes near my 1:1 in 1:64 scale.


And if I’m not mistaken another package will be sent across the Atlantic so I can only hope he adds a new glorious custom ;-)


No need to tell anything about the mighty 3.2 as it is a well known car. I suppose. If you do need more info you’re welcome to grab a cup of coffee and I’ll tell you anything I know.

And so that’s it for today. I’m sure a lot of 911s and all of it’s derivatives will come by and you’ll understand I highly appreciate that!


Tschüss und Danke Philip!