Big things with little cars

Now some of you might already know why I have this car out here right now If you have customized this car or know enough about Matchbox and their interior variations. This is a mildly customized Matchbox Nissan Skyline 2000gtx. I wheel swapped it with the wheels from the Initial D Tomica ae86. Now to get to the point. I have both variations of this car. The Turbo and N/A. The turbo version has (well of course) a turbo, but it also has racing harnesses on the driver seat. But the big secret is under the (Non Opening) hood.

As you can see, The drivers seat has no harnesses.

Let’s look a little closer on the interior.

Here is the N/A Engine

I have the turbo variation but I am too lazy to go get it and take pictures of it.

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