Big things with little cars

Did I just sneak a resin model in here?

Yes I did, but you can clearly see the engine bay. We good?


Today, I have for you all the Ferrari 430 Scuderia by Looksmart. 8-cylinders are far and few between in my collection. Normally you would look in the direction American muscle, but I’m sorely lacking in that department. I’ve got some AMG-63's, but those are all sealed. E92 M3's? Sealed. The only other option I could think of were the V8 Ferrari’s, and none of the ones I have are more awesome or more detailed than this baby. What else you want me to do? Bring out my Bburago 488?

Hell. No.

This is also the first time I’ve done a complete set of photos for this model, so I had even more of a reason to dust it off and throw it in the limelight. Get it?


The Looksmart is one of my favorite Ferrari pieces in the stable. The model may be a featherweight, but the detail is just so good. Don’t let the brand name trick you into thinking this is unobtanium - you can find them for less than what the Hot Wheels Elite version would cost. Just don’t pick red. 


Speaking of colors, you have your work cut out for you should you choose to be specific. Aside from body paint, there are also different options for wheels and stripes. Each unique combination is limited to just 25 pieces, so if exclusivity is important to you, look no further.


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