I think this is the first engine comes to mind for the final wildcard of Engine Week.

Several already featured the legendary 787B, the only rotary engined car to won Le Mans and also NSU, the German company that invented the rotary engine. How about something that came after NSU and a precursor to the 787B’s success.

The NSU may have pioneered the rotary engine, but it was expensive and didn’t take off too well. Mazda decided to refine it and determined to make it work. I’m glad to hear Mazda is bringing rotary engine back, even if its just going to be a range extender feature for electric cars, its still nice to see the “Dorito” back. 


This Mazda Cosmo Sport is beautifully made by TLV in 1/64 with exceptional details. Kyosho too made the Cosmo feature the fender mirrors but not much else. No suspension nor the opening hood to show off Mazda’s first rotary engine.