Big things with little cars

Ah, it’s turbo time!

Here we have the 1988 Spa 1000 km winner, the Sauber C9 in 1:18 scale by Exoto. This diecast is full of details just like one would expect to find in an Exoto. Those details come to life in the engine bay. The V8 is exquisitely plumbed. Virtually every hose, wire, and pipe is accounted for. I think this diecast may have the most features of any that I own. A couple of Auto Art Signatures come very close, but there’s a lot of detail in here.


Now to drag out the tent and camera again. I forgot to take pictures for Saturday. Looking at my posts on here and Oppo, it’s probably not hard to figure out what I’m doing, just a matter of which one.

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