Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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LaLD Engine Week is a week away...

Our next weekly event begins a week from Sunday. LaLD Engine week will highlight the coolest cars in your collection with the most intriguing and iconic engines. I’ve selected and shot all of my cars, have you?


Sunday, April 15th - 4 Bangers - If it’s got 4 cylinders, post ‘em up!

Monday, April 16th - 6 Cylinder Cars - V, straight, or flat, what do you got?

Tuesday, April 17th - 8 Cylinder Cars - The perfect amount

Wednesday, April 18th - 10 Cylinder Cars - If 8 is great, two more must be better!


Thursday, April 19th - 12 Cylinder Cars - Silky and smooth

Friday, April 20th - Forced Induction Friday - A special day to celebrate Turbos and Supercharged autos (but you don’t have to wait until Friday, of course!)


Saturday, April 21st - Wildcard! - A car with more than 12 or less than 4, maybe 5, or how about Dorito powered or electric!

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