I know I’m very late to the party, and proved that I’m an idiot.

I originally thought I didn’t have anything to show for Engine Week as 1/64 scale dieasts with expose engine that I want to show for each category are rare to come by. Turns out they were right in front of me!!!

Originally an experimental race truck commissioned by Chrysler become an accidental crowd favorite.

The placement of a powerful supercharged 426 Hemi in the bed of a custom built Dodge A100 chassis gave it its wheelie capability. Chrysler soon stowed it away until Bill “Maverick” Golden came along and put it to good use.



The truck may not be the fastest, but was a good show stopper with the capability of doing a 4,230 feet long wheelie, more than the distance of 3 1/4 mile tracks.

This truck was made by Johnny Lightning originally as a DIY assembly kit. I got it from a former member here that wanted it to go to a good home, it wasn’t in the best of shapes being dirty, wonky axles that doesn’t roll, and missing its engine. I was able to restore it and document its makeover to its formal glory and make an appearance once again in this years Engine Week.