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LaLD GP update!!

Welcome LaLD race fans! The time for the first LaLD GP is a ticking. Updates here after the jump.

Welcome LaLD GP competitors and possible late entries. For a refresh to the GP, please click HERE.


I’m slowly making progress for the GP to happen this year. Motivation hit hard after seeing this at the TRU a couple blocks from me. Finally they are stocked!

Oh what a rad track it will be. I’m stuck between 2 designs that will suit the full GT3 and GT2-Am field.

At the moment, I’m doing a total interior redesign at my house/garage ....err.... race circuit :]


This being the main culprit to the GP delay. Much much appreciated for your patience.

Once the garage gets its fresh coat of apoxy......err... pavement, i’ll get on buying track.


Here are the current entries:


If you car isn’t on the list, make sure to add LaLD GP as a tag.

The initial call for entries will be after Lone Stars LeMans on Sept 17. If you attend, contact me or Philipilihp to say hello to us there :]


I will make a post that day calling for LaLD GP competitors.

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