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LaLD GT2 AM: Hideous Purple Toyota Racing #12

I’ve finally finished my gt2! This car you see here is a HW Time Attaxi (Uly said I could use it ‘cuz it was real enough) spray painted metallic purple. I made custom stickers for it and was going to put a wing on it but glue got everywhere (hence the paint imperfections on the trunk.


I wrote “Rocket Hunny” because the car is a widebody and I wanted some sort of a fake sponsor like on 24hrs of lemons cars. If you look closely the rocket bunny logo is holding a honey server : ) also note the “LaLD GT2" on the taxi sign.

Overall, I guess it came out ok. I hope you like it and stay tuned for tomorrow as I will post my gt3!


Bonus: Prisma’d LaLD logo:

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