dek34 helped me buy a lot of things and they all arrived today. He is like my diecast broker. And because of him, I am

MiniGT, Johnny Lightning, Greenlight, Tomica and Hot Wheels goodness!

Some Lancers!


Some Cruisers!

Some Civics!

Advertisement cars!

Oooooh! Now I have a grey one to go along with my blue one.


A K-Day Fairlady and a Honda S660!


Uh...why is my K-Day car missing the card? Oh...I see where that card went. Haha I told dek34 he could use the card for mail-in. I open all my mainline HWs anyway.

I was afraid the Honda S660 was going to be too big but, it’s actually quite small. Smaller than the Honda CR-Z


I’ll put my new cars in this case for now.


Oh, and I got some real riders from dek34 also. $1 per axel! So cheap! Now maybe I’ll be motivated to finish some other customs.

Well....I am almost out of peg space. Time to put up another board.


Oh, and dek34 threw in some biscuits. I ate one but not sure how to display the other one.