In honor of the upcoming 1st Anniversary of Live and Let Diecast! I'm going to run some memorable articles from the past year. Where better to start than with its history? -Jeff

We have been on the air now, officially, for about 5 months. The first post on LaLD (or HWEP as we were then known) was 4/14/2014. [Sidenote: this was also my son's fifth birthday. Does it make me a bad father, that I was on LaLD on his birthday?] I assume we have all read the official Annals of LaLD series, which you can find in Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

So now we know how the Hot Wheels Exchange Program started, and how that evolved into what we all know and love as LaLD. And I know how I got here. But how did you get here? We have had a lot of new members recently, and I am curious how you found us. Was it thanks to the All-Mighty Travelling Torchbug? Did our Facebook page make you yearn for more structured content? Did you telepathically connect to the LaLD Signal?


Lastly, just a thank you for being here, writing on here, posting pictures on here, and generally obsessing over cars (and other models) in all sizes on here!

¡Viva La LaLD!