I found one!!!

For those who didn’t know, I’ve been hunting for a Spark 1:18 Audi R18 Tdi. This was the winner of the 2011 24hrs of LeMans, and the star of the film Truth in 24 II:

Its that film that ignited my love for Audi, LeMans, and racing. Heck, that film was one of the things that reignited my love for cars all together.

I was devastated when Audi pulled the plug on their LMP program- I wound up writing a goodbye for the Audi R18 on Oppo:


Anyway, I had been hunting for the 1:18 version of the 2011 car (called Red Sonya) for several months.

I eventually resorted to LaLD for help finding one:


Within 24hrs of that post, XJDano found an eBay listing from the land down under. I instantly jumped on it, and it arrived 2 weeks ago. Seriously, a super huge thanks to XJDano for helping me find this.

Sadly, it’s trip over wasn’t seemless. It lost a mirror (reglued), one of the front wheels popped off, and it had lost a attenenna. This thing is DELICATE.


Plus one of the side fins shows small signs of the previous owner glueing it.

But holy crap do I love it. I reorganized my display cabinet just to put it on top. I plan on getting a more detailed photo shoot, but I couldn’t help but show it off a little.


 And I just need to acknowledge what an amazing community this place is. With all the BS that makes the world seem like a terrible dark place, it’s nice to know that LaLD is an island of happiness and human kindness in the ocean of trash.