Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Yesterday I sporadically ask you guys who lald's audience is, you guys responded in full. I wasn't planning on doing this, but I thought I should share what the demographics were for the responses.


Now, I tried to count the best I can, and I might of missed some, as I am severely limited with mobile browsing. Still, it's an impressive list.

Ages (grouped by units of 10s):

10s - 9

20s - 17

30s - 11

40s - 8

50s - 4


USA - 35

Singapore - 2

Netherlands - 1

Malaysia - 2

Brazil - 1

Canada - 2

UK - 3

New Zealand area - 1

Italy - 1

Australia - 1

Now, these numbers were of the people who replied, this doesn't include anyone who missed it or the lurkers. So this could only by part of the true demographic!


Still, lald, you should be proud! We are pretty global and we are spread out quite nicely in the ages. And I'm pretty sure we all come from different walks in life, which is half the fun I think!

So lald, let's keep diecasting on!

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