Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

LaLD July Event: Running of the Bulls 2018

Every year in early July, the Running of the Bulls takes place in Pamplona Spain. When the world famous event took place last year, Pillarless Coupe showed off 7 of his most awesome Lambo’s during the same week. I thought this was a brilliant idea and I want to do it again this year!


Unfortunately I’m less than prepared for this next LaLD Event, so I’m going to use my Mod Powers to hold our 2018 Running of the Bulls event from July 22nd to 28th to give us more time to prepare. I’ll do a better job in 2019...

And as for Pillarless Coupe, he said last year that if he ever has the idea to post 7 times in 7 days to “shoot him and take his models”, so...


Here’s the weekly line up, post up your car in any scale that fits the daily theme.

Diablo Domingo

Miura Monday

Countach Tuesday

Murcielago Miércoles

Trofeo Thursday: Gallardos and Huracans

Free For All Friday: Aventadors, Jalpa’s, Silhouettes, 350GT’s, Centenario’s, Espandas, whatever, but nobody wants to see your Urus :P


Stunner Sábado: Save the best for last - Share your best Lamborghini model

Same rules apply: the more stars you get, the more awards you get!

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