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LaLD June Events!

I know I still owe you guys the results for ///May, but I want to announce the LaLD events for ///June! Wait that’s not right... just June!

We’re going to do two weekend events this month. First will be the weekend of the 16th-17th for LaLeMans!


The historic 24hr race will take place for the 86th time in a couple weeks, so we’re going to celebrate by calling on all LaLDers to post up their favorite Le Mans race cars all weekend long. Bring out your winners, your losers, and your weird failed prototypes. My goofy accolades are on the line.

The following weekend’s event will be totally rad. Radwood returns to San Francisco Saturday, June 24th. If you don’t know what Radwood is, you haven’t been listening to the LaLD Podcast lately. Radwood celebrates the coolest automobiles from the 80's and 90's. It’s the “classic” car show that will define my generation. Everything from Fieros to F40's are welcome.


We’ll be having our own digital car show that weekend: Radcast! Post up your favorite cars in your collection from the Radwood era. I’m really excited for this one; it will be a kick-ass event. The guys from Radwood will be tuning in too, so make your entries count!


But wait, there’s more! On June 1st, LaLD turned four years old. Your friendly neighborhood mods will be sharing their stories and specialized posts all month long. Sporadically, just like a real 4 year old toddler. I personally will be writing up some posts about my favorite LaLD memories so far, asking you guys to share you’re very first diecasts (if you still have them), and how you found LaLD. We’ll probably be getting some discussions about LaLD’s future with you guys too! Stay tuned...

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