Big things with little cars

I spent a good 30 min just sayin, “yup... mmm hmm... yeah it’s nice... hmmm” here at the Target makeup aisle while my wife was going for her own HAWL of sorts. . Though, once we were done here, it was her turn lolz :]

Target had just stocked up with the main section and 2 end caps. So yeah, it took me a while to go through the pegs. As I rambled on, her responses where just like the ones I gave her lolz!!



Picked up that awesome old school VW SP2 Blue Card!!!!!!

Willys 4x4 MBX

Finally found the Renault

The sweet Chevelle some of you peeps have HAWLd also

The radness that is the 934 Turbo

69 Charger 500 (which is huge)

Last, the new Mustang GT

Thanks for reading :]

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