I remember having to read a book about Che Guevara but for the life of me all I can recall from it was that his father was a needy man who couldn’t live without the love of a woman. Guess it struck a chord with me because I too am a needy man with a deep seeded longing to be called Ernesto. I’ll leave the “revolution” stuff to my children so they can be misrepresented on T-shirts after they die. This may be a bit sappy but I’ve got a great girl and my love for diecasts to keep me sane. Took me a bit but I’ve finally found a way to combine the two with a simple Hot Wheels love lock.

Making the lock was easy but I had to quick set epoxy it all on the bridge which was not as fun as I thought. Simply carved our names on the hood and walked off knowing it would be the first lock worth vandalizing. I give it a week... But who knows? Maybe people will respect the intention of the lock and not try to get a free Hot Wheel... I hope. That said, here is a picture of my Batmobile at the beach for those who will enjoy it.