Some of my favourite castings are Schuco’s vintage 1:43s and 1:66s, and this is the BMW 520 of the E12 generation.

Yes, I’ve already posted this car twice this year, but it is really nice, and I didn’t manage to buy any other versions of Schuco’s E12 (525, Notarzt, or Polizei). There’ll be new material to show later in the week, but this is a nice start to my (admittedly late) posts.


I did take the time for a few new photos for this one while I ready my other posts. I’m not writing much for this post, but I already wrote quite a bit for the other posts on this cast. Be sure to check out the other posts for regular photography as well for consideration in competition.


The casting here is an early pre-facelift E12, the first 5-series generation, with the M10 4-cylinder engine.

Thanks for viewing!