Driver’s, start your hybrid and economical engines!!!!!!! Complete Spec. series requirements below.

In our efforts to Hoon all the things!, me and fellow mod Philipilihp have been talking lately about starting a race series. Specifically, a Spec. racing class. After some feedback, we brainstormed this morning and have come up with 2 classes and an event.

LaLD GT3 Spec.

  • Toyota Prius or Honda Insight 1:64 (UPDATE: Chevrolet Volt)
  • Must have a minimum of 2 of the following. (Rear spoiler, Rear diffuser, Front Splitter)
  • Must contain the LaLD GT3 somewhere on the car
  • Must include an official number (doubles okay)
  • Wheels swaps and weight modification are allowed


  • Has to be a “Regular” car (no fantasy, high end cars, sports cars, or racecars) 1:64
  • Must have at least 1 Racecar aero bit
  • Must contain the LaLD GT2-Am somewhere on the car
  • Must have a number (doubles ok)
  • Wheels swaps and weight modification are allowed

My goal is to build a race track and have a race. Note, the GT2 track will be a short course version of the full GT3. Then, I will be requesting all the cars to visit my home for the first annual LaLD Grand Prix of Awesomeness. Your cars will be sent back to you by me :] The car with the best time around the tack wins a prize. The track will be one that starts with a drop and have a couple good turns and end at a finish line. One car at a time. Only complete runs will count (no DQ runs will be timed). There will be a small podium ceremony for each racing series. The races and ceremonies will be featured on LaLD’s official YouTube Channel. I will update you all as the show gets going but you can start building your Eco Racecar of dooom! now :]


Important: The official TAGs for your posts will be LaLD GP and Custom.

Mine is not 100% but almost


EDIT (May, 13th 2016) Still don’t have enough track lol. Working on it though!