Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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LaLD Podcast Episode 10: And Tubbed - Radwood Edition

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This is Dan, I’ve been out of town on business, so I fell behind and I’ve now published “And Tubbed” featuring Bradley Brownell from Cammed and Tubbed, as well as Jalopnik.


Ryan, Lloyd, and Dan welcome special guest Brad Brownell. Brad is the other half of Hooniverse’s Cammed and Tubbed Podcast. Brad is a co-founder of Radwood, which has experienced explosive growth this year. Our diecast discussion centered on Radwood era cars.

Dan was humiliated for not having a clue about Initial D.

Brad is most definitely a huge diecast collector, even though at first, he didn’t really admit to it.


Our latest purchases:
Ryan: Autoart Corolla AE86 from Initial D
Lloyd: Autoart Audi Quattro
Dan: Maisto 1996 Jag XK8
Brad: Matchbox Superfast Lamborghini LM-002

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