Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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REPOST 07/30/18 - I’ve sent 4 posts back to drafts today. Please remember to add a title and at least one comment! (GT40 and ray_clic please check your drafts folders) - Jeff


I’ve noticed we’re getting a bit loose with our posts as of late.


1) Credit to content suppliers. ALWAYS give credit to whoever you took the content from. A simple “h/t - T-Hunted” or “credit: Lamley Group” will suffice as long as it contains a link to the original source.


2) Image. Add at least one image to your posts. If it’s yours? Great. If not? Give credit, add a link. You can come up with at least one image that relates to your post...

3) Comment. If your post is only a link to somewhere else, please add something to the post. A comment about the link at minimum. It can be incredibly basic, just something to add to the link. An Example might be “Check out these new releases from the Y Case that the Lamley Group previewed! Love that new Super TH! What do you think of the recolors of the Lambo and Datsun??”


4) Title your post.

Any questions, let me know!

(Edit: Here are the official LaLD rules, for anyone who is curious)

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