Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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LaLD PSA: Last Kday of the Year This Saturday (11/7)

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It’s been seemingly quiet about this, but this Saturday (11/7) is the last 2015 Kday. And for once there are some very nice Kmart exclusives at the party! For me the nicest ones since the white E30 M3. See below for the deets!


Here is a quick primer on Kday, for those who don’t know.

When? Saturday 11/7 at 9:00AM.

Where? Participating Kmart stores. For me this is literally the only time I ever go to Kmart, but the one in my area does come in handy for this.


Cars to look for? There are four Kmart exclusives:

  • The always excellent ‘70 Chevelle, this time in a nice dark green.
  • ‘71 Buick Riviera. Not my personal style but a very nice color!
  • The hotly anticipated black Datsun 510 wagon. Looks really good in black!
  • Subary BRAT in gold. Lovely casting, I’m glad they made another version of it!

In addition, there are several first to market cars, a blue Willys with flame tampos, bright red Aston DB5, and a cool dark red VW caddy.


Plus, look out for the Tesla Roadster as your Super TH!

This should be a good one. Don’t forget to post your hawls on Saturday!

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