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LaLD QOTD: What car are you surprised hasn't become 1:64 yet?

Image: from Hoonigan

Yes, sure, we all wish that every single car becomes a miniature, but not many do. In fact, not many get there despite having enough headlines about them. Which leads to the question: what car should have been in 3-inch scale by now?

You’d think the Ford Mustang Hoonicorn would be, what with its balls-to-the-wall style and ridiculous horsepower (or its corollary, the Mustang RTR-X). And yet we’ve yet to see this car anywhere in smaller scale outside of custom work.

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There’s also the Porsche 919 Evo, a car that is yet to be in scales smaller than 1:43, but one that would have fairly immense appeal to both kids and adults alike.

How about you? What cars are you baffled still isn’t 1:64?

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