Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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LaLD Question Time! How Do You Look For Hot Wheels / Diecast In Store?

You see a new batch of Hot Wheels in store or any other diecast, how do you take a look through them all to get the ones you want?

When I see a new batch, there’s certain vehicles im looking for like the Ford Raptor which has an orange bar on the right side of the card from the HW Hot Trucks series. I put my hand and move from the front or back of the row and look for any orange cards and then take a look at the pack and see if it is the Raptor. I keep up with the latest HW news from Lamley and T-Hunted so I know what series the STH would be in and look for what color the series is :)
I can go through a new HW batch in about a couple of minutes.
If it is a dump bin which only happened once, I just dig in :D


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