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LaLD Rennsport Reunion: Crazy Child

The beginning of insanity starts here.

To enter the GT2 class, Porsche must comply with homologation rules of producing a minimum of 50 road versions of their race entry car. Porsche started off with the fastest 911 model they offer, the 911 Turbo and gave it a crash diet with virtually all creature comforts deleted including the complex all wheel drive system. The engine got retuned with higher turbo boost producing 430hp from the Turbo’s 402hp. All that sent to the rear wheels only. Thus the Porsche 911 GT2, named appropriately for the race class they want to enter in came to be.


The race version of 993 GT2 got bigger turbos with restrictor plates mandated by FIA rules, bare bone interior with cage, and more aggressive bodykit to improve downforce and accommodate the wider racing slicks.
The 911 GT2 can be considered as the spiritual successor to the 935, a turbocharged beast throwing punches for dominance on the arena of WEC. Achieving several victories in the BPR Global GT series and winning its class in the 24 Hours of LeMans both 1996 and 1997. Porsche later released a more ridiculous Evo version shown here to compete in the top tier GT1 class.

The GT2 Evo raised the power to 600hp and extended the rear wing to improve stability. The GT2 Evo didn’t last long as the power bump compromised reliability and the competition was heating up with the likes of the Viper GTS-R and the McLaren F1 GTR. So Porsche scrapped the idea of upgrading the 911 GT2 and go for a complete redesign for the GT1 class with the mid-engine 911 GT1.


The 911 GT2 either in its race version or road version, is a car you approach with respect. Only a few handful of people on Earth have the skills to properly drive it and even then still have to be cautious. It took the “widowmaker” term from the original 911 Turbo to a new level. With 57 road versions built not many of those survived for obvious reasons. Which contributes to the reason why the ultimate iteration of the last air-cooled 911 can fetch as much as $2.4 million at auction.

The latest GT2 RS is without question mind-blowing fast. But will never be as special or insane as the original.


Just as much of an unicorn as the real deal, this was from HWs discontinued Boulevard line. The series seemed to have ended abruptly and the last batch of the series was seen at some TJ Maxx and Marshall’s stores. I love the plain look without any wacky stripes or racing numbers despite being the hardcore track version. The “Speed Yellow” color choice is a plus, it reminds of the infamous RUF CTR “Yellowbird.” This was also the time the cast got a full roll cage which even the $TH doesn’t have since Mattel skimped out and went for a half cage by then.

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