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LaLD Rennsport Reunion: Testing the Water

All legends must begin somewhere.

In 1973, a rule changed in FIA that allows production based vehicles to compete in the prototype class. Which created a new class called the Group 5 also known as the “Silhouette Class.” The engine displacement was still limited but with the cars now based on the production cars brought back both the manufacturers and privateer teams’ interest. One of those manufacturers was Porsche and they answered with the 935 Turbo.


Like the 934 that Porsche raced in Group 4, the 935 was based on the 911 Turbo with upgraded chassis components using the same 3.0litre flat-6 as the 934. But with new turbos with higher boost that now produces 560hp compare to the 480hp in the 934.

Midway through the first season, Porsche engineer Norbert Singer discovered a loophole in the FIA rulebook which wasn’t specific on what part of the fender was allowed to be freely designed so the Stuttgart engineers got cunning by re-sculpting the entire fender and relocate the headlights to live in the bumpers. This redesign help shaved weight and improved both aerodynamic and downforce thus the infamous slant nose 935 was born. The loophole was a controversy that nearly cost Porsche’s manufacturer championship title.


The 935 Turbo went on to set fastest laps and pole positions in many events but won few championships due to the reliability of the 4-speed gearbox couldn’t cope with the increased power for endurance racing.

But it’s not all bad, the 935 Turbo and its main rival, the BMW 3.5 CSL accelerated the era of the development for turbo charged engines in WEC. What’s more, the 935 Turbo was just the start of an even crazier legend.


I’m not exactly sure who made this cast, it doesn’t even have “Made in china” molded onto the base. I do remember awhile back someone did ask me about this car since it made an appearance in the background from one of my other posts. This cast depicts the 935 Turbo that switched to the slant nose design midway in the 1976 season. I did further research and discovered at least 3 different brands have used this exact same casting so its anyone’s guess which of the 3 companies made this. With the big wing and opening doors it looks nearly identical to the Coca Cola promo Porsche by Hartoy but features a “semi-Martini” livery with less attractive wheels.

Image credit on bottom left corner of photo

I would love to improve this cast more such as giving it better wheels, better stance, or complete its Martini livery. If anyone want to pitch in, do please let me know.

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