Feel like a Countach type of day.

The 80's was a rather odd yet crazy time in the world of motorsport. Where safety really is more third priority than first. Group B rally, F1 redesign with barely any downforce, and a time where the safety car is just about as difficult to drive as the race cars its leading with heavy clutch, gear change, and steering such as a Lamborghini Countach.

Starting in 1980, the Lamborghini Countach was elected to be the safety car of the Monaco Grand Prix. Its low slung, wedge shaped looked fitting among the roaring swarm of F1 cars.

There were 4 Countachs used, one was yellow and one was white which were used from 1980 to 1982 and two red which used for the last year of service of ‘83. The world of F1 won’t see another pace car with the raging bull until 1995 for the last time which a Diablo was used for the 1995 Canadian GP.


It’s been awhile since HW made a Countach, and one that is this accurate. In the past most of HW’s Countach casting were way out of proportion. The 25th Anniversary Countach was a refreshing change but not without faults, the base for the rear wheels was the same length as the front making the rear wheels sink into the wheel wells which later on plaguing other Lamborghini models in HW’s lineup. For this new casting, they corrected the issue so the wheels sit flush like how it suppose to. I can forgive the livery as the licensing cost for the official one which can only be used once for this specific cast is a bit exuberant for a $1 car. The one sad thing is HW has discontinued the 5 DOT wheels (as seen on the yellow Countach) as it will be the perfect wheels for this car.