Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

LaLD Theater - RAOKs

What's an RAOK? It stands for "random act of kindness".

There's a lot of stuff to see in the diecast community on Youtube, what I can draw from the videos is that they're a close bunch and very generous group of people. Boxes of goodies are sent all over the place and many happy people in the process. I'll be sharing you the videos I've enjoyed and hope that a tiny faith in mankind is restored in anyone who watches.

Let's kick off with the most recent I've watched from JoMotor49, who's received a bunch of awesome and pretty rare vehicles! And, oh, the videos do stretch quite long so make you have some spare time!


The one right below has some sweet Johnny Lightnings.

The next one from mushedroom is going to be longer...

But it's jam-packed with lotsa cars. Those who like releases from '00s are in for a treat.


Kinda makes my random Prius RAOK a puny effort. lol
What do you LaLDers think? Will HWEP lead to surprise mailbox "bombs"?

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