Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

LaLD Theather - Diecast Project Cars from Johnny Lightning

My interest towards Johnny Lightning began at the time when the brand was dying, it only sped up my quest to know more about the brand when news cam JL was going to stop production altogether.
Most of my resources were found on YouTube, and I thought you'd be interested in some the videos.

I shall begin this segment with a great showcase from JoMotor49, whose video I first bumped into early this year. He has a great diecast car collection and what I enjoy most from his channel are the ones about Johnny Lightnings.
This particular brand did a line of cars that mimicked project cars which is one of the favourite topics among Jalops and definitely reminiscence the "Project Car Hell" of the good ol' Murilee Martin days. (Yes, I've lurked in Jalopnik for that long. Muahahahaha!)
Would you buy a diecast car done up to look like a hooptie? What other brands you like to see to take on this style?


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