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“Behind every collection, behind every collector, lies a good story”

“The best models are the ones that have a story”


This is an index of our readers’ stories about their collections. I love to read a good story, and our readers/members sure know how to tell them! I’ll update this post regularly when more stories are posted.

shop-teacher was the first one, with a touching story about his most important model

edu_petrolhead’s collection has a long story, so tangled with his life that his story is almost an autobiography!


Diecast Photography shared not only his story, but some good advice as well. Collect whatever makes you happy!


Eddie’s story is also quite tangled with his life story, and he demonstrates how something so simple as a Hot Wheels diecast can be such an important thing


WhiteTrashSteve tells us how important were diecast models in his childhood, and how they helped to build his confidence. As he said, “The Gesture is Often Bigger than the Object”


Klaus Schmoll’s story is a history lesson about how he managed to collect diecasts behind the iron curtain, and the excitement of getting new models when they were forbidden.

Nate4641 tells how he began collecting while serving the country, being an active Marine. He did what I believe 11 at each 10 gearheads dream to do one day: The Pilgrimage to the Nurburgring! And he made an awesome HAWL there as well!


AlienProbe recalls his favorite part about visiting his grandmother: a yellow Impala.


zeontestpilot tells us from where his display name came from, along with the history of his first models.

Moe Khan tells the story of how Super Checkout Man saved the day on Saudi Arabia, and started his collection.


Jobjoris went to his father’s house and found some sweet memories in the attic.

Group44Fan tells an amazing tale about two Porsches, and how they were a part of his wedding.


Wheelerguy shows us the little yellow Ferrari that could, and that sparked his love for diecasts.

TFritch tells us how his parents friends’ Ferrari 308, along two models of the the same car given to him by them shaped his career and his fondness for the Cavallino Rampante.

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