Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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LaLDie-cast Review: Reviews

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A roundup of all the awesome Reviews on Live And Let Die-cast.

Yes i'm running late again I apologize. Work is normal amounts of chaos as usual but that's ok. All that means if more moneyz for die-cast cars! Welp, more to put aside for my annual mighty 1:18 HAWL at Sam's. All material for some rad reviews...which I couldn't do again this week :'( I'm really trying not to slack. I have my reason and on Friday, i'll have big surprise to share with my friends on LaLD. Only hint is this...... That oh yes, there will be a peg board... tan taan taaaan!


Now let's get this going noooow! Before my lunch break :]

What a treat we received from fintail. Another brand that is rare here on LaLD, Herpa, and even more rare, a scale of 1/87. Yeah, 1/87!!! Dudes that tiny Mercedes-Benz W140 is way tiny and waaaaaaay detailed! It seems like we were all left speechless from this fine item. I think mostly because the real car is essentially a pretty big car. Thanks again to fintail for this rad review. The read it, click the link below.


Next up, Sir Frosted of Box Carshire was driven up to the red carpet and did a... KICKASS! review of a 1/28 scale (other LaLD rarity) Lincoln Towncar Limousine. Champagne is ready inside this rad die-cast. Engine bay is neat along with the interior. I want to say I also had one back in the day but I'm not 100%. To read this awesome review. Click on the link below. Item is for sell also. Link in post :]


Oh man I got the chills.... like if something big is about to happen...

What could it be?.... oh I know... It Concours d'Modella TIIIME!!!!!

(Cue LOUD noises or explosions maestro if you please!!!!)


This week, we have 2 LEGENDARY!!!!!!!!! cars up for review.

First.....Ferrai Enzo. Ferrari ENZO!!!! An awesome review by RafelX. The Ferrari Enzo is from BBR (another rarity of LaLD). The details are sublime. Every angle is gold. Solid model, amazing details, and maximus awesomus. 44/50 was the final score. I gave it 47. To see this amazing item, click on the link below.


Oh, the awesomeness continues. How? t_s reviews a McLaren F1. McLaren F1!!! Oh yes. The perfection that is this item comes from Auto Art Signature Edition. Like the Enzo, the details are beyond epic. Also, every photo is gold! You 2 peeps are sooo lucky to have these treasures. It scores a 45/50. i gave it a 47 also. To see this mass epicness, click the ink below.


Until next week ya'll!!!

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