A roundup of all the awesome Reviews on Live And Let Die-cast.

Whoooo! Tuesday! Just another day closer to the weekend lol. Another late post everyone, sorry. Though... It did allow some last minute reviews. Pretty healthy week for reviews again. Much much appreciated! We like the reviews here on LaLD. All have been of the greatest quality and these in depth breakdowns of cool items give LaLD real structure. Thanks a trillion.

Now..... let's get this beh beh rollin.

Otaconmutasim got me right in the feels this week. Like, directly in the feels with the incredible review of the AutoArt Toyota Altezza RS200. Filled with premium information, this awesome review had me glued for quite a long time. As an ex-Lexus master tech, I have a special place in my heart for this vehicle. AutoArt did right on this model. Please check it out by clicking the link below


Keeping it Toy-ota (lol) Our buddy TE71 Xin reviewed (in the oh so awesome TE71 Xin style which I have named "Review a la Spin") a Toyota Carina 1600 GT-R by Tomica. An awesome review with absolutely epic detail! To check our this ULYbait, click on the link below

Not only is it my favorite band, but one of my all time favs in the car world. Taking Italian design, with best of American Muscle. Like the Hennessy Venom GT and the Shelby Corbra, the DeTomaso Pantera is a true legend. Giving it justice, our buddy fintail and Tomica combined equaled an sublime review. You peeps just have to check it our if you haven't. 1:61 scale but 1:1 in epicness.


Juuust squeezing into the review of reviews, our buddy Frosted of Boxcarshire reviews a rad Ford Crown Victory Police Interceptor from Jada. A fine 1/64 in my book honestly. Features a working truck, full front bumper, and awesome detailed paint. Opening doors as well, even if they don't fit too good :] But that just gives it more authenticity lol :] It was a blast to read all in all. To check it our, click on the link below.


Moving up to 1:18, Brickman keeps it real with a Ford F-150 from Maisto. Quality and detail is awesome as we have to expect from Maisto. I know these truck inside and out and they did a fantastic job. Another good review with another awesome truck from Brickman. Please take a sec and check it out by clicking on the link below.

Ohhh I got the chills..... why is that? Can it be that time?.... oh yes

CONCOURS d'MODELLA TIIIME!!! (Cue the explosion please!!!)

lol oops! :]

First, my hero t_s and the racecar epicness that is always appreciated here on LaLD. this time it was in the form of a BMW 2002 Group 2 rally car. Wrapped in Jagermeister livery, it hits all the incredible detail check marks as usual. Awesome shot of all the other cars in the orange fleet ya'll have to see. Another awesome, well written, and high scoring item. I again have it scored higher at 44/50. To check it out, click on the link below.


Last up, my long time return to reviews. I do a combo of a CdM and ORAT (off road all things). The car, Ferrari 355 Maranello F1 from HotWheels Elite, actually did fairly well off road. The front end digged into the dirt a lot but it wasn't too bad. The weather didn;t cooperate with me but in the real sun light, it is a think of beauty. The check it out, clip the link below.


See ya'll next week :]