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Big things with little cars
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LaLDie-cast Review: Reviews

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A roundup of all the awesome Reviews on Live And Let Die-cast.

Good Tuesday LaLD! First, i'd like to again welcome all of our new authors to that auto enthusiast based die-cars blog. On Tuesdays, I do a quick run down of the week's awesome reviews. In a review, a single item gets isolated and is given a thorough brake down. If you have that one item that is timeless and you'd like to show it off, we welcome a good review of it with lots of great pictures. Reviews can be a standard run down to your liking, or a LaLD signature style called Concours d'Modella. Either way is greatly appreciated :]




Tomica F68 Jaguar XJ-S. With Tomica, you get the doors and the suspension. Honestly though, they were always just ok from what I could see in paint. This though, is fantastic and stellar all they around.



Johnny Lightning 1969 Ford Torino Talladega. Noted as my personal favorite musclecar of all time. The 1968/1969 Ford Torino Talladega/Fairlane 500 is a sexy beast! JL gave it full justice and so did our friend ZTP on this rad review.


-Jeff Simmons

Supercar Showdown!!! Mainline vs Super TH HW Ferrari 599 FXX. What a fun and absolutely thorough review/comparison. I can feel this being a series. The paint int the STP is incredible!


-Small Scale Sydney

Oversteer Mazda MX-5 (Miata). I think we can all agree this was a one awesome post. Images were incredible and the car was a true value I believe.


Thank you for all your awesome reviews LaLD!

Personal Note,

LaLD Review of Reviews will be postponed until March 5. Next Tuesday will be the most important day of my life so far. Next week I will be at the US Embassy in Juarez MX with my wife. We are scheduled at 8:45am MT to meet with the consulate over our immigration battle. If all goes well, she will receive her Permanent Residency to the US of Murica! After a year of headaches, thousands of dollars in fees, and legal BS, we will finally be together as husband and wife in our new home. Next Tuesday, love will conquer ALL!!!

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