The company I work for is hosting a Christmas Party tomorrow night and they’re asking for everyone to bring toy donations to go to a good cause. Not really wanting to spend money on new toys, I’ve decided to give those kids a cool present they may appreciate: old un-opened Hot Wheels from nearly a decade ago! Two birds with one stone: donate toys to a good cause and free-up container space in my endless quest to downsize my collection of 100+ un-liberated diecasts!

Two olds 442s, two Falcon race cars, two Demons (the 1970 type), two ‘57 Bel-Airs, ‘68 El Camino, Austin Healey hot rod (2001 release), Charger drift car, ‘69 Camaro, ‘71 Javelin AMX, F-Type Project 7 error, Chevelle, Kool Combi, and some fictional car that I have no idea why its in my collection.