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LaLD'ing it at Petit Le Mans

I had to bring something cool to get autographed and I didn’t want to bring one of my mint carded examples due to the damp weather and the fact it would’ve gotten damaged during transit. Thus, the only candidate was the blue Shelby GT350R I picked up and liberated nearly a year ago!

This is my toy car. Note the chin spoiler at the top of the picture.

It took a bit of hunting at Road Atlanta to find the paddock for the Continental Tire Series cars and racers, it’s the pits on the opposite side of the front stretch to the main paddock used by the Petit Le Mans teams!

This is an actual race car of my toy car!

I had to take pictures of my diecast in front of and on top of actual Shelby GT350s at the event! I used one of the Roush GT350RC entries out in the paddock and the red Shelby GT350R at the Ford vendors tent. Thank goodness I brought the spare key to pop’s Ranger, that allowed me into the Ford Owners Lounge where I got free bottled waters and snacks for two days straight. I probably saved about $50 from all the water I had to chug to stay hydrated during that hot and humid weekend!

This is the real car to my toy car!

I was able to keep it safe the entire trip to Road Atlanta, while walking around Road Atlanta (holding it carefully in my hand the entire time the day it was signed, rather than putting it in a pocket or box) and on the trip back home.


The signature belongs to Jack Roush Jr., son of famed Mustang tuner Jack Roush. There’s irony to be had as Roush Jr. races a Shelby GT350RC given that Roush and Shelby are both Ford-backed aftermarket tuners for the Mustang and F-series trucks. Anyway, he was very kind in person and was surprised when I asked for him to autograph the diecast! He struggled to figure out how to sign it before I told him he could go from front to back, the car was his blank canvas.


Don’t expect this one to go on eBay for as long as I live, this one is staying with me for as long as I can keep it (and keep from losing it)!

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