I went looking for M case cars. One walmart had a whole 3 compartment dump bin full with M case cars but unsurprisingly someone bought all the Pagani, Mazda Repu, Ice Charger, Skyline or Datsun wagon. =(

Anyway, I found this Lambo. It is made by JADA, a company I loathe! I hate their odd scales. However, this Centenario looked like it could possibly blend in with my collection so I bought it. Upon some quick Googling when I got home, I saw that the 1:1 Centenario is slightly larger than a Veneno so I thought to myself, “Hey, this could work”.

However, the wheels are atrocious and the stance is even worse. I thought that maybe I could find some decent wheels, shave the base flat, and lower the car.

Here it is with some temporary wheels. The base of the car has a raised picture of Hot Rod’s face and it prevents the car from being lowered unless you shave it flat.



Then I noticed something......this JADA Centenario suffers from a BAD case of the upsloped chin!!!! Ugh!


JADA.....you’ll not get another penny from me! What a waste of money.

*apologies for the out of focus shots. Bad lighting and an even worse photographer.