I don’t really have big scales, i mostly focus on 1/64. But when i do, i..

I do. 😂

So on this post, we’re gonna showcase two Lamborghini’s. A 1:32 Scale Aventador and A 1:18 Scale Murcielago. (Some of you may know that i have this Murcielago.

Let’s get it on at the Aventador!!

Its a 1:32 Scale got it at a Gas Station Promo. Gas Station name is Petron. Actually i think it’s not 1:32 but it’s 1:29 something. It’s bigger than 1:32. Soo. Close to that, has rubber tires. But it’s a pull back with lights on. And I don’t have batteries so... No lights.


It’s at Metallic White, Plastic base, Ehh yeah it only looks good in the Pictures. Details are great, especially the Headlights, Almost looks like a 1/18scale but what I don’t like about it is, the windshields are black. So it’s not transparent that it is not a scale model. Well yup, there goes for this Aventador.



I Have another one. Maybe I’ll take a fee shots of it aswell. Color red.

Now with the 1/18 Scale Murcielago, it’s a Maisto or Masaito i forgot. It’s in Metallic orange. And love the details on this one, also it can steer, detailed everywhere, from bottom to top.


I’ve heard that @Sn210 Has a Maisto like this. But different model! Twins aye?

You know taking shots of 1:18 scales is hard! Kados to all the photographers.! The 1:32 was a bit easy. But forgive me for my shots. And I’m not a professional photographer, justa guy with an Iphone. So no luck.

Here she is!



Ugly shots right? This at my dining table!

The hood can be open and it is where the storage is, Engine is at the back.. The engine pic is at the comments so.


Well that's it for Lamborghini Galore! Thanks LaLD! @darvz_customs