The Murcielago has always had a soft spot in my heart, as I sure it does for some of you as well. When the Super Veloce was unveiled in 2009, it took the world by storm. The excessive flares, handsome arches and the infamous SV sticker on the side all proved to be what I would all it “The apex of Lamborghinis design” Originally, Lamborghini planned on making 350 models. However due to the release of the Aventador, production line was cut early on and only 186 SVs made it out the factory.

This model hails from AutoArt’s performance line and is represented in Verde Ithaca. Typical for AutoArts back in the good ol’ days, paint and finish are for the most part, excellent. The overall low-slung shape is presented extremely well. By far my favorite part of the SV is the rear, having drastically changed from its ‘normal’ sibling (if we can even call it that)

Moving on to what I would consider one of the most important part of a model, the rims. Like the LFA (both variants), the SV has this sort of metallic shine to it. Not necessarily my favorite finish on a car, but I can’t complain cause it’s represented faithfully. The carbon ceramic finish looks pretty damn real as well.


Under the carbon fiber hood lies the 661 HP V12 engine. Thanks to upgrades such as revised valve timing and upgraded intake system, power is boosted quite significantly from the base LP640. All the bells and whistles of the car are presented well as are the carbon fiber prints all over the model. Typical of AutoArts, engine isn’t really an issue as it’s usually a plus point. Not to say the same for recent plastic AutoArts though. Pity.



The interior is as well as you would expect from an AutoArt. Carpeted flooring, carbon fiber details, fine stitches on the seats as well as your racing harness are all there. The carbon fiber embossed center console is one of the best i’ve seen. So well done that it trips my cameras focus out whenever I try to focus on it.

The car also comes with a fire extinguisher! The only other models I have that has this option installed are the Zonda Revoluccion and on the polar opposite end, the G55 AMG


Anyways, need I say more?

Oh yea, can’t forget the carbon fiber doors and Alcantara SV logo.


So there you are. Another fantastic piece by AutoArt from the good ol’ days. Full diecast, all the necessary details for a much lower price than your current composite models. This along with the 997 GT3 RS 4.0 are the best i’ve seen from their performance line thus far. Now I was lucky enough to snatch one up for about $110 shipped (which I know one specific person was unfortunately a bit bummed about missing out on) I have absolutely no problem recommending this model if you collect supercars.

Having a Aventador SV as well as the Diablo SV, the Murcie was a must! Now time to find a Miura SV to complete the line :)

Thanks for reading!