Here’s one of my favorite diecasts, but sadly I don’t know the manufacturer.

The model is a 1/64 Lamborghini Silhouette. I purchased this model at a Book Off (a used book shop) in Tokyo for just a couple hundred yen and was blown away by the detail. The taillight units are two separate lenses, the bumpers are perfectly formed, and the turn signal lenses are painted in. The wheels have a ton of depth and it has a detailed interior, sadly obscured by the non-removable targa top. Best of all it has the popup headlights up!

The Silhouette is possibly the most forgotten Lamborghini. Built from 1976 to 1979, it was intended to replace the Urraco as the entry-level Lamborghini. However, the popular Urraco ended up staying in production throughout the Silhouette’s lifespan. The Silhouette was powered by a mid-mounted 3.0 liter V8 producing 265 horsepower, good enough for a top speed of 162 mph. The body was designed by Bertone and like the Countach, it signaled Lamborghini’s shift to more angular and aggressive styling. However, the little grand tourer didn’t prove popular and just 54 were produced, making it the least-produced non-special edition road car Lamborghini ever made.


Sadly, the base on this diecast is blank so I do not have a manufacturer name. I sure wish I did because I would love to see their other offerings.