Can't remember if the orange Land Crusher is from Q or A case but whatever, it's the most recent version of this casting. And it kinda looks like poop. I remembered buying an L case blue model a while back to so I took it out for a little comparison.

So here they are, blue and orange. Same casting, same tampos but different colors. The orange pops quite well but it really brings out the awkward shape of the front end.

The blue doesn't look MUCH better but with the silver base/foglights, it seems to do more justice to the casting.


Also, look closely and notice how much wider the wheels are on the blue casting. Why did they change to a normal 5 spoke for the orange LC? It looks ridiculous.

See what I mean? And overall, I think the blue just works better for this truck. It has better color combos all around and makes the orange LC just looks bizarre/undetailed.


So if you like offroad/baja trucks and want a Land Crusher, find the old L case model. It seems like more care went into that one.